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Boggle by Nepazing.

Boggle-Word game is a simple game puzzle where user has to find the hidden words from the letters on the board. This is a very useful online game to enhance your English language & to learn new words.

How to Play Boggle?

  1. Click on the "Play Now" button to start.
  2. By default, timer is set for 3 minutes and the board size selected is 4X4X1. To change, select the settings gear on top left.
  3. The game is to find valid hidden words (3 letters minimum) from the scattered letters.
  4. Click on the grid box or type in the textbox to form words.
  5. When you think you have discovered a word, press enter or select "ADD" button. System will automatically verify the word from dictionary and will notify if any error occurred.
  6. If you have formed a meaningful word, you gain 1 point for up to 4 letter word, 2 points for a five letter word and this goes on. For letter greater than 7, you have 11 points.
  7. Your points are accumulated for each word discovered.
  8. At any point of the game, you can click on the "Submit Game" button to finish the boggle game and to display your total points.
  9. Clicking the "Submit Game" button also displays all the possible combinations of letters forming meaningful words.
  10. If you have any suggestion or if you encounter any issues, we kindly request you to make a screenshot and reply to us at info@rolpotech.com.
Happy playing!