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  1. Happy Fathers Day      Less than 1 Minute

    The day honoring fathers is celebrated in the United States on the third Sunday of June. Enjoy our free word search dedicated to this Father's Day. Play Now

  2. Happy Mother's Day      Max 5 minutes

    Mother's Day is celebrated honoring the mother of the family or individual, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds in countries throughout the world. Here are few commons words which honors such unbelievable selfless humans that take care of us and nurture us through our lives. Play Now

  3. Earth Day Word Search      Max 5 minutes

    Another reason to celebrate April 22nd! Also a reminder for us of the things we should be thinking about this earth day. Play this fun puzzle now! Play Now

  4. April Fools’ Day      Less than 1 Minute

    April fools’ day is celebrated on 1st April. The exact origin of this day is unknown but it’s certainly a day for playing jokes or tricks to someone in harmless and in good taste. Give your jokes some though before carrying them out and enjoy the day. Have fun! Play Now

  5. World Book Day      Less than 1 Minute

    World Book Day or International Day of the Book, is an annual event organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing, and copyright. Celebrated every year on 23rd April the first World Book Day was started on 1995. Lets cherish and defend books as symbols of hope and dialogue. Play Now

  6. Confederate Memorial Day      Max 5 minutes

    Confederate Memorial Day is a cultural holiday observed in Southern U.S. states on 26th April since the end of the Civil War to remember the estimated 258,000 Confederate soldiers who died fighting against the Union. Play Now

  7. Veterans Day      Max 5 minutes

    Veterans Day honors veterans of the armed forces and those killed in the country's wars. It celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans. Here is a word search dedicated to veterans day celebrated on November 11. Play Now

Also enjoy our free Word search maker (Generator) for free. Our topic for puzzles are suitable from children to adults alike and all the puzzles are printable i.e. you can print and play the offline version or provide it to your students as tutorial.

Our puzzles are unchangeable i.e. No matter which device you play; the position remains same and is not reshuffled once restarted.